Brenda Lee
American Releases
Grandma, What Great Songs You Sang! Decca DL 8873 (mono) / DL 78873 (stereo) 8/3/59 Produced by Owen Bradley. Reissued as "Brenda Lee Sings Songs Everybody Knows," same number, in mid-1961.
Brenda Lee Decca DL 4039 (mono) / DL 74039 (stereo) 8/1/60 Produced by Owen Bradley.
This Is Brenda Decca DL 4082 (mono) / DL 74082 (stereo) 10/10/60 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Emotions Decca DL 4104 (mono) / DL 74104 (stereo) 4/3/61 Produced by Owen Bradley.
All the Way Decca DL 4176 (mono) / DL 74176 (stereo) 8/7/61 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Sincerely, Brenda Lee Decca DL 4216 (mono) / DL 74216 (stereo) 2/12/62 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Brenda, That's All Decca DL 4326 (mono) / DL 74326 (stereo) 10/15/62 Produced by Owen Bradley.
All Alone Am I Decca DL 4370 (mono) / DL 74370 (stereo) 2/18/63 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Let Me Sing Decca DL 4439 (mono) / DL 74439 (stereo) 12/9/63 Produced by Owen Bradley.
By Request Decca DL 4509 (mono) / DL 74509 (stereo) 5/18/64 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Merry Christmas From Brenda Lee Decca DL 4583 (mono) / DL 74583 (stereo) 10/19/64 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Top Teen Hits Decca DL 4626 (mono) / DL 74626 (stereo) 2/15/65 Produced by Owen Bradley. Includes "Is It True," produced by Mickie Most.
The Versatile Brenda Lee Decca DL 4661 (mono) / DL 74661 (stereo) 5/17/65 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Too Many Rivers Decca DL 4684 (mono) / DL 74684 (stereo) 9/6/65 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Bye Bye Blues Decca DL 4755 (mono) / DL 74755 (stereo) 3/14/66 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Ten Golden Years Decca DL 4757 (mono) / DL 74757 (stereo) 5/23/66 Produced by Owen Bradley (two tracks produced by Paul Cohen). Also issued as "Deluxe Limited Edition" (with same number) featuring fold-out cover.
Coming On Strong Decca DL 4825 (mono) / DL 74825 (stereo) 11/28/66 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Here's Brenda Lee Vocalion VL 3795 (mono) / VL 73795 (stereo) 3/4/67 Produced by Owen Bradley. Reissue of"Grandma What Great Songs You Sang!" minus two tracks.
Reflections In Blue Decca DL 4981 (mono) / DL 74981 (stereo) 10/16/67 Produced by Charles "Bud" Dant.
For the First Time--Brenda and Pete Decca DL 4955 (mono) / DL 74955 (stereo) 3/18/68 With Pete Fountain (clarinet) and his band. Produced by Owen Bradley and Charles "Bud" Dant.
Johnny One Time Decca DL 75111 5/19/69 First album issued in stereo only.
Let It Be Me Vocalion VL 73890 1969 Compilation of previously issued tracks.
Memphis Portrait Decca DL 75232 5/70 Produced by Chips Moman.
The Brenda Lee Story - Her Greatest Hits MCA MCA-4102 1973 Produced by Owen Bradley (two tracks produced by Paul Cohen). A 2-record set greatest hits compilation. Reissued on CD as MCAD-4012 12/91.
Brenda MCA MCA-305 1973 Produced by Owen Bradley.
New Sunrise MCA MCA-373 1973 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Brenda Lee Now MCA MCA-433 1974 Produced by Owen Bradley.
Sincerely, Brenda Lee (#2) MCA MCA-477 1975 Produced by Owen Bradley.
L.A. Sessions MCA MCA-2233 Produced by Snuff Garrett.
Even Better MCA MCA-3211 1/80 Produced by Ron Chancey.
Smokey and the Bandit II (Original Soundtrack) MCA MCA-6101 8/80 One song only "Again and Again"). Produced by Snuff Garrett.
Take Me Back MCA MCA-5143 10/80 Produced by Ron Chancey.
Urban Chipmunk RCA AFL1-4027 1981 One song only - Made For Each Other". Produced by Larry Butler, Janice Karman and Ross Bagdasarian.
Only When I Laugh MCA MCA-5278 11/81 Produced by Ron Chancey.
Greatest Country Hits MCA MCA-5342 7/82 Greatest hits (1973-1982) compilation.
The Winning Hand Monument JWG2784-38389-1 10/82 Produced by Fred Foster. A 2-record set with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristoferson. Reissued as Sony Special Products CD WK-75067.
Ladies Choice Epic FE 39272 Produced by Billy Sherrill. George Jones LP with one Brenda duet track.
Feels So Right MCA MCA-5626 8/14/85 A digital recording. Produced by Emory Gordy, Jr., and David Hungate.
Tennessee Christmas MCA MCA-5620 12/85 A digital recording. One song only - "The Christmas Song", produced by Tony Brown. Later reissued on CD as MCAD-5620.
Rockin' Little Christmas MCA MCA-25084 11/86 2 songs and liner notes by Brenda Lee. CD version released 12/90 (MCAD-25084).
Rockabilly Classics, Volume 2 MCA MCA-25089 1987 A two-LP collection of rockabilly tracks. Brenda track is alternate take of "Bigelow 6-200." CD issue (MCAD-5935) included contents of both LP's.
Shadowland Sire 9 25724-2 5/3/88 Produced by Owen Bradley. Brenda appears on "Tonk Angels Medley" track with Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, and k.d. lang.
The Best of Cool Yule Rhino R2-75767 11/8/88 Christmas song compilation CD. Includes first stereo release of &quotPapa; Noel" from 1958.
RVS III Columbia CK 45250 Produced by Steve Buckingham. Ricky Van Shelton LP with one duet track with Brenda.
Dick Tracy (Songs from Film) Sire 9 26236-2 6/15/90 One Brenda track. Produced by Andy Paley.
Brenda Lee Warner Bros. 9 26439-2 3/11/91 First album not available on vinyl (CD/cassette only). Produced by Jim Ed Norman and Steve Buckingham.
Brenda Lee Anthology 1956-1980 MCA MCAD2-10384 8/27/91 Digitally remastered, 2-CD collection of hits. Reissue produced by Andy McKaie.
A Brenda Lee Christmas Warner Bros. 9 26660-2 10/24/91 Produced by Jim Ed Norman.
Jingle Bell Rock MCA SP MCAD-20728 10/10/93 CD reissue of 1964 Christmas LP, minus two tracks.
Merry Christmas from Brenda Lee HAND HAND-22098 12/93 An MCA SP subsidiary label issue, containing a different selection of tracks from the 1964 Decca Christmas album.
Big Country--For One and All Warner Bros. 9 42574-2 9/26/95 Produced by Lisa Silver. One Brenda track only.
21 All Time Greatest Hits BL Productions BLCD-98-2-2 11/96 Rerecording of 21 hits. Produced by Owen Bradley.
Precious Memories BL Productions BLG-2000-CD 5/97 Produced by Brenda Lee, Ronnie Shacklett & Dave Powelson.
The Legendary Brenda Lee Reader's Digest MSD3-37162 5/98 Compilation package. Reissue produced by John Alexander.
In the Mood for Love - Classic Ballads MCA Hip-o HIPD-40111 8/11/98 Compilation package. Reissue produced by Andy McKaie.